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Our Pricing

At Gamely Connect participants are offered the choice to be billed through either the Core or Capacity Building category of their NDIS Plan.

Although there is a variation in the maximum price limit between these lines, we consistently charge as per the core funding limit which is $65.47/hour on week days and $92.12/hour on Saturdays. 

Funding Categories

Core Funding

We charge the core funding option under the following line from the NDIS Price guide 2023 - 2024:

(4) Assistance with Social & Community Participation (Access Community Social and Rec Activ - Standard - Weekday Daytime 04_104_0125_6_1)

Capacity Building

We charge the capacity building funding option under the following two line items from the NDIS Price guide 2023 - 2024:

(9) Increased Social and Community Participation (Community Participation Activities 09_011_0125_6_3)

(11) Improved Relationships (Individual Social Skills Development 11_024_0117_7_3)

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