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Our Team

Gamely Connect is a family owned and run business.

All our support staff hold a current Yellow card and Blue card and a Cert III or Cert IV in Individual Support (Disability).

Meet Ellis

Support worker, director & games master

Ellis Bear is a disability support worker, who for several years now has had an over-booked service supporting Autistic adults in the Ipswich region.​


When his first daughter was born in 2022, the rental crisis saw his new family forced to move to Moreton Bay, yet he has continued to travel 4 hours a day to Ipswich to be with the clients he so loves working with.​


Now, he’s excited to begin building a new community in Caboolture and to reach more participants than before by starting his own company, and creating a space where he can have a big impact.​


As a qualified chef with a Bachelor degree of Music, as well as a Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability), Ellis brings a wealth of life experience and education into his work.​


Social anxiety and neurodiversity often go hand-in-hand, but Ellis has discovered how gaming can be a powerful tool for helping people to feel safe in a public space.​


He is a board game and video gaming enthusiast, an experienced Dungeons & Dragons games master, and an avid reader with a keen interest in psychology, wellbeing, connection & community.

Meet Maddie

Behind-the-scenes admin & finance

Ellis met his partner Maddie at university in 2016 where the two studied a Bachelor of Music together.​ After they graduated, Maddie ran her own music business until 2022 when the couple welcomed their first daughter.​


Seeing Ellis’ passion for working with neurodiverse individuals grow over the years Maddie has learned a lot about neurodiversity and shares Ellis’ vision of improving outcomes for this group.​


Maddie’s key focus is on building the foundation and nurturing the back-end of Gamely Connect, including the financials, marketing, legal and administration of the business, allowing Ellis the space to focus on his participants, understanding their uniqueness and helping them to move towards their individual goals.

Meet Rachel

Support Worker
Rachel's Avatar HQ.png

Rachel is a mental health support worker with extensive experience working with neurodiverse adults and children.


She completed a Bachelor of Psychology in 2023 and enjoys board games, video games, anime, reading, creative writing, painting and drawing.

In founding Gamely Connect, we are excited to create a tailored space that carefully considers the sensory, mental and emotional needs of the neurodiverse community.


We want to build a thriving community of participants and families who come to us initially to play some games in an accessible space, but over time to intentionally practice social skills, to attend social events nights, and be with others who understand their lived experience.

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