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Gamely Connect is a tailored, inclusive public space for neurodiverse participants to build social skills and meaningful connections. As a stepping stone between the home and the broader community, we use gamification to combat social anxiety and allow young adults to ease into feeling safe and confident interacting with others in a face-to-face community setting.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission at Gamely Connect is to create a safe space for neurodiverse people to build social confidence and form meaningful human connections through play.

Our Vision

Our vision is to counter social isolation and create a thriving neurodiverse, all-abilities community where individuals feel safe to be themselves and form truly meaningful human connections.

Our Values

At Gamely Connect we value respect, equity, kindness, empathy and playfulness above all else.


Our Team

Gamely Connect is a family owned and run business. 

All our support staff hold a current Yellow and Blue card and a Cert III or Cert IV of Individual Support (Disability). 

In founding Gamely Connect, we are excited to create a tailored space that carefully considers the sensory, mental and emotional needs of the neurodiverse community.


We want to build a thriving community of participants and families who come to us initially to play some games in an accessible space, but over time to intentionally practice social skills, to attend social event nights, and be with others who understand their lived experience.

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